Monday, August 18, 2014

Chris - Lincoln Square (pages 13-15)

The first thing you hear about Chris is, "he lives in a magic shop," and yet this primal fact offers no insight into him at all.  He doesn't own the shop, work at the shop or perform magic tricks.  He's a musician, philosopher, theologian and publisher/editor of the magazine "Out Of The Blue" - the only periodical focused on Neo-Swedenborgianism on the north side.  As I look at what I just wrote, I'm thinking maybe I was wrong and the fact he lives in a magic shop does offer some insight into him.

Here Chris reads and plays guitar as Damien opens his front door and finds a dead body on the front lawn. We recorded this in the small theater at the back of the magic shop.

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(note on tech crap:  I'm trying something different, so instead of uploading this audio to blogger, I uploaded it to veoh and embedded in the blog.  Let me know if you have problems hearing Chris read.)

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