Monday, October 20, 2014

Mike - Ravenswood (Pages 21-26)

Mike has spent his adult life in front of people.  Whether it was during his stand-up career, running his own tour company, playing the blues on his harmonica in China or reading from his book, he's had to wrestle with a live audience.  It shows in his walk which has the gait of a former boxer.

Mike came down from Wisconsin in the Eighties and made a living working the numerous comedy clubs in Chicago.  When the bottom fell out of the stand-up scene, he migrated over to the tour guide trade which suits his sponge like intellect to a T. His tour of Chicago movie-locations got him the gig of co-authoring the 2nd addition of "Hollywood on Lake Michigan," with Arnie Berstein.  It holds a great interview with Wash U grad Harold Ramis along with many other interviews of non-Wash U grads.  Recently, China's had the pleasure of Mike's company as he travel the country playing blues harmonic.  He's back in town and ready for whatever comes next.

We recorded this in Mike's apartment just on the other side of the Brown Line tracks.

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