Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ramona - Englewood/Vienna (Page 11)

Reading something aloud in a foreign language is intimidating especially if it's your third language.  Ramona is from Hungary but goes to school in Vienna.  She speaks Hungarian, German and, as you'll see, English.  The opportunity to work for a summer in the USA was one she couldn't pass-up.  When I met her she had just finished a two month gig at a summer camp in North Carolina.  On her way home she stopped in Chicago for a few days.  That's when I accosted her to do a little reading for me.  She said yes, and why wouldn't she?  She already had traveled thousands of miles to work in a land where she knew nobody and the pay sucked, so doing a little reading was the least of her bravery.

In Ramona's reading, Damien is trying to get some information about his Uncle Edmund's whereabouts from a unhelpful airline employee while trying to explain why he doesn't have a cellphone. One-year-old Zoe Berchshire takes a tumble and sacrifices her body to help her dad.

(notes on recording:  As you'll see, my archaic tech ability caused a little drama in the middle of the recording, probably more drama than what was actually in the writing.)

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